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Reflex not tracking data

Hi Everyone, I have created an alert on my report which is published on a dedicated capacities workspace.

The report pulls data from datalake and is a Near Real time report. I wanted to know if one of my measure is going below 15%.

But when I created the trigger, I noticed that data was not being tracked properly.

It was just showing the data point of that particular time and after that it constantly showed the same data point.

The data activator sent me notification after 10 mins the trigger was created and not after that at all.

Could anyone tell me what could be wrong here?



Community Admin
Community Admin

From the screenshot it looks like the value (0.01534...) never changes. Can you post a screenshot of the report/visual configuration so we can if there's anything that was filtering it to a particular point in time, or otherwise limiting what value is returned?


The other thing to check is what condition you're looking for in the 'Detect' card. If it is "Becomes less than" then I would expect it to fire the first time the data is checked (the value is going from null to 0.01534) but after that the alret won't continue to fire. If you really want a message every time it's below 15% then you need the "Is less than" condition.


thank you!

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @OmikaU ,

Firstly, it's important to understand that near real-time reports in Power BI rely on the data being current and the visualizations refreshing automatically to always show the latest data. However, there's always a degree of delay due to data processing and network transmission time, which is referred to as latency. This might affect how quickly the data activator can pick up changes and send notifications.
And about the data was not being tracked properly, please double-check the configuration of the Reflex you've set up for your alert. Ensure that the measure, condition, and threshold are correctly defined. It's also worth verifying if the notification settings (email or Teams) are correctly configured to ensure you're notified as expected. Can you confirm if there have been any changes to the data or report since the Reflex was created that might affect its tracking?
Or can you provide a screenshot of your Reflex configuration?

Best Regards,
Dino Tao

Hi Dino, Thankyou for your comment. Please note that my teams and mail notifications are configured properly. If i tell you about this NRT dashboard, this data changes every hour. Please see the screenshot for your refrence. I was experimenting so this is one of the reflex for value greater than 0.





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