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Helper III
Helper III

How to ignore ANY STEP if THAT STEP is irrelevant

Hi there


How can I dynamically ignore ANY STEP if the step is irrelevant for the current dataset


For example,


EmailNameIDMaths Score 1Maths Score 2


I need to change the ID as text (Using simple Change Type) and add up Maths Score 1 & Maths Score 2 (Using a Custom Column with simple addition formula). I manage to do it in Power Query


However, sometimes the dataset comes like below where there's no ID and no Maths Score 1 but in my applied step I already have Change Type and the Custom Column in place hence it will prompt an error. How can I tell Power Query that if there are any missing columns just ignore them and proceed to any subsequent step? I came across MissingField.Ignore but it doesn't work, right?

EmailNameMaths Score 2


Thanks in advance!

Super User
Super User

I'd recommend using error handling like try ... otherwise in your steps.


For more detail, check out these resources:


For nulls, in particular, you may also want to be aware of the coalesce operator:

Super User
Super User

Hello - are the rows from the two tables combined at any point or are you trying to create a set of transformations to be applied separately to each table? 

Hi @jennratten 


It's all within the same table, It's just that the entire table will get updated with new data & columns however some columns might not be there like ID and Maths Score 1 but the applied steps had steps that "touches" on those "missing" columns so when i hit refresh, the applied steps will hit an error saying unable to change type because "ID" wasn't found and unable to execute bla bla because Maths Score 1 wasn't found

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