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Date column matching between tables

Hi All,


I'm new to Power BI I recently started using it, and currently I'm tryng to find out how can I possibly use this for data validation /  to validate if columns like "Start/Signature Date" "End / Delivery Date" "Supplier Segmentation Tier" & "Supplier has access to Information" data from one table (which is the target) are correct. These has to be compared to 3 sources from where this data is from. These soures has the same data type columns (but their column name might be just a bit different) so that I can validate that the target has the correct data . Is there a way to do this matching? I would appreciate any help from you guys.


I have cleaned the data a bit in Power Query made sure that when these where imported all the columns in the target table had the correct data type and also for the source tables as well.


And also is there a way when for exmale some rows from the target table's columns do not match or is null to show/highlight this?  

Super User
Super User

Hi @Data_SuperHero 


The short answer is yes, this sounds do-able.


But without seeing your data and knowing exactly how you want to 'validate' the data, it's difficult to give you any examples of how to implement it.


If you can provide samples of your data as tables/files (not pictures) and explain in detail what you want, I'll see what I can do.





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This is how my data model looks like at the moment:


The first one is the target table  which has those 4 columns with data which need to be validated/ matched with the columns I have mentioned in my  above comment which are from data sources 2, 3, and 4.




Hi Philip, Thanks for taking your time reading this, and also coming back to me, unfortunately I'm unabe to share any sample of this data as this by nature is quite senstive, it would a large excel file type extract with contracts table with multiple columns and I would need to validate the above columns OR match them against 3 data sources:


1.First data source would be a "Commercial Impact Forms (CIF)" where I need to validate the "Start/Signiture Date" column data from the contract table against the "Effective Date"  which is from the CIF table from this source  (these are date data types)


Again from contract table two more columns: 

Supplier has access to confidential, sensitive and critical Information data column against ->Does the supplier have access to confidential / sensitive / critical information?(CIF table) - (these columns are text date types)


From the contracts table now I need to compare the:


End / Delivery Date (For open ended contracts enter 01/01/2099) column to a column called  ->  Actual End Date in (Pipeline extract table)


And a last data column from the contract table called: Supplier Segmentation Tier


Needs to be compared to a data column called Tier (Final), which sits in a Segmantation Tier table 


Hope it makes sense, so this is what I'm trying to figure out, so far I figured out that I need to create a relationship between these tables n order to be able to the matching.


Would this be a one to many relationship I need?


I would appreciate any help at this point! Thanks again!

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