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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Connecting to SAP HANA

Hi everyone. I am trying to get data from SAP HANA DB and also to configure the gateway for it.


When I try to get data via power bi desktop, I am getting error:

"ODBC: ERROR [08S01] [SAP AG][LIBODBCHDB DLL][HDBODBC] Communication link failure;-10709 Connect failed (no reachable host left)"

As far as I understant, the problem is with ODBC driver? I installed and configured it via DNS provider (tried to connect - it was successful)

What else can it be? Or what I may did wrong?


Also when I try to configure enterprise gateway, via 2 different VMs, I am getting 2 error: 


1 - (Windows 7) - We encountered an error while trying to connect to sap*.com:32015. Details: "We reached the enterprise gateway, but the gateway can't access the on-premises data source.", Error Code: DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_DataSourceAccessError

Underlying error code: -2147467259

Underlying error message: [Microsoft][Диспетчер драйверов ODBC] Источник данных не найден и не указан драйвер, используемый по умолчанию (it says that the data source wasn't found and the driver which is used by default, wasn't pointed)

2 - (Windows Server) - It wasn't me who configured the gateway but at first everything was OK but then (don't know why) the error came: The gateway is either offline or could not be reached. Error Code: DM_GWPipeline_Client_GatewayUnreachable 


I really need to make it work any way!

Huge thanks for every suggestion in advance.

Frequent Visitor

Hi team

I am using SAP Hana as a Datasource in one of my power bi report and dataset getting a refresh with my desktop report without any issues, but the same report is getting fails with the below error in power bi service when its refreshed through power BI gateway.

but it's not happening all the time, sometimes its get success automatically.


ODBC: ERROR [S1000] [SAP AG][LIBODBCHDB DLL][HDBODBC] General error;7 feature not supported: invalid character encoding: '&4', /db/e0/27(

I am not sure what is the cause of the issue, Please help me on this.




Frequent Visitor

I'm having the same issue.


I've added the port number and I'm connecting via database credentials and I'm still getting the timeout. Anything else I could try?

Helper II
Helper II

Just wanted to add that I'm having the same issue.  I'm getting my infrastructure security folks to check that the date gateway machine can access our SAP HANA in the cloud.  If we manage to fix the issue I'll post back here.

When you are creating your SAP HANA connection are you specifying a port as well?  This error was happening to me because the connection creation interface wasn't very specific about the need to include a port.  Once I did, the issue appeared to resolve.  So, when prompted for the "server" express it like this:  <servername>.<domain>.<com/net>:<port>


I'm not sure if it's a standardized thing or not, but if you just know the server name and instance number (say your instance number is "02") then your port may look something like 30215 or "3<instanceNumber>15".  Otherwise maybe just try the default port of 30015.


Hope that helps.

Hi Jeremy,


By adding port number to the system, the error is gone. Thanks for the suggestion.


I have a question:


If I create enterprise gateway with the help of Service Account (which has global rights to all data) on SAP HANA, where's the data security when a dashboard is shared between multiple users (business end users).


Do I have to make RLS on the dashboard when developed or when a end user refreshes or view the published dashboard will they get data that is restricted in SAP.

You need to build RLS in the dataset. User's credentials is not passed to SAP, so SAP security does not apply. 


Service account is used to refresh the data.

Users who are added to the datasource have the ability to publish datasets. When the user builds the reports using Power BI Desktop, they will be using their personal login. This makes sure that SAP security is applied. E.g. While building the reports using Power BI Deskop, I have access to only those BEx queries that my user id has. Service account may have wider access.

RLS needs to added to the dataset for Business User's 


I'm not a super expert, however it's my current understanding that the only back end that can do a kind of pseudo-sso is SSAS via the EffectiveUserName to implement the security for the consuming user on a tabular model.  It doesn't actually authenticate to the model using that user's credential like a true Kerberos SSO connection, rather still authenticates as the service account used in the gateway connection but then applies security to the given user based on their EffectiveUserName... explains more about how EffectiveUserName is used with SSAS.


To my knowledge currently, this wouldn't apply to a HANA data source.  I'd make sure RLS is in place as you need for your purposes.

Hello All


That last one deffinitely helped for me: 30215 or "3<instanceNumber>15" into the port number.


     Thanks a lot Jeremy, Jan

Adding the port number helped. In my case it was the default 30015

Regular Visitor

Hi Alexpancakes,


Facing same error when we try to connect to HANA. But in my case i am able to connection with other HANA DB'S and only facing issue with one HANA DB. Did you get any break through on below issue? Any help is highly appreciated? Thank you!




Not yet 😞

Hi Alex


I'm facing the same issue , Is this issue resolved? If so could you please share the details



Hi Alex 


I'm facing the same issue , Is your issue is resolved ,if so could you please share the details




Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Alex,


The first error seems to indicate that the machine that you are using does not have connectivity to the SAP HANA server. Can you verify that you can connect to that server from the same machine using other client tools?




well, via the ODBC admin panel the connection is successful (via personal or system DNS)


sap hana connected.png

Actually, this is my first time working with SAP so if you can suggest any client I can try to ping sap hana from my VM to check connectivity, it will be great!

Hi Alexpancakes,


Have you managed to solve for this? If yes, could you please contact me




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