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mobile security

Do you use any mobile security apps to protect your phone from leaking data? What is your experience? For example, if you use Power BI on smartphone - and you store confidential information.

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I generally go with the Kaspersky antivirus on mobile.

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Mobile security is critical in the current digital environment. Use strong security measures to shield your devices and data from dangers like malware, phishing, and data breaches. To protect sensitive data, use biometric authentication, strong passwords, and encryption. Use security apps and stay current on security best practices to enhance your protection. Make mobile security a top priority to guarantee a secure online experience.

Here, we are sharing the blog here: Mobile app security

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Mobile speed can be significantly impacted by the installation and operation of security apps. These applications are designed to protect devices from various threats such as malware, phishing attacks, and data breaches. While they provide crucial protection, they can also introduce certain performance issues, particularly concerning speed.
Here, we are sharing the blog 
Guide to Mobile Application Security

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So far my experience with mobile security apps is that they end up slowing down your mobile phone like a lot and randomly end up installing other apps that you did not want to.


In mi opinion a mobile phone is not in the need of external security apps duo to the integrity and own security of the apps by themselves, all the apps that you may be using such are whatsapp, facebook, gmail, etc (not only the well known ones) have already enough security integration with scripts, encriptation and many more things in order to avoid any kind of data leak.



Of course I agree that any extra app which works in background will impact your phone speed. Maybe you don't see positive influence because nothing bad happened to your phone and data? 


I was just curious because there is a lot of articles like: - guides how to protect your phone and if it is not helpful who use it?


I agree that external apps, especially this very popular such as FB, gmail etc. are enough protected. But how about your gallery or messages? 

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I generally go with avast on my mobile phone, it has full functionality and I can't remember having a problem from using it in terms of securing my data

 Does it have a free version on mobile? I don't have very new smartphone. Do you think that it can slow down my mobile phone?

If you are concerned about the safety of your private information, using a trustworthy mobile security app can help protect you from unauthorized access and data leaks. When using any app that involves sensitive information, it is important to enable security features like encryption, use strong passwords, and avoid using public networks to minimize the risk of your data being stolen. Always be aware and keep your software updated to stay safe. Additionally, if you want to learn more about Power BI, check out this blog for a better understanding.

For users who are worried about data security, using a genuine mobile security app can provide several layers of protection against data leaks and unauthorized access. When handling confidential information on any app, it's important to enable security features like encryption, use strong passwords, and avoid accessing sensitive data over unsecured networks to minimize the risk of data breaches. Always stay alert and keep your software updated for enhanced security. Here is a blog about Power BI for a better understanding.



what do you think about mobile data protection? Do you install any antivirus or other programmes to secure your phone? What are your experience? 

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