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Power BI Mobile App Access for External Users



If someone can please help with how to grant access to the Power BI mobile app so external users can see shared reports. I have granted access to external users through Microsoft 365 Admin Center as guest users. These users are then able to log in with their external email address and password for their Microsoft account and view the reports in the browser. But when trying to login in the App with the same external email, it says: We don't recognize this domain name:


Please help with how to log into that app. Which credintials are to be used? It would make sense that the same credentials be used as for logging into the browser, but does not seem to be the case.


I've researching this, but instructions seem outdated with links not existing in my Power BI admin portal.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident


To grant external users access to view shared reports in the Power BI mobile app, you will need to follow a few steps:

  1. Make sure that the external users have been added to your organization as guests through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
  2. Go to the Power BI admin portal and click on "Tenant settings".
  3. Under "External sharing", make sure that the "External sharing with guests" option is set to "On".
  4. Under "Access packages", click on "New package" and create a package with the appropriate permissions for the external users to view the shared reports.
  5. Share the package with the external users by entering their email addresses in the "Enter email addresses" box.
  6. Ask the external users to download the Power BI mobile app and log in using their Microsoft account credentials (the same ones they used to access the shared reports in the browser).

If the users are still receiving an error message when trying to log into the app, it could be because their email domain (in this case, is not recognized by your organization's Azure AD. In that case, you may need to add the domain to your Azure AD as a verified domain.

hi Adam, I'm not seeing the options you have outlined in your steps above. So for example, Under Tenant Settings there's no External Sharing in my admin portal. I also don't see any Acces packages in there either. Can you please advise of the options have changed?

Thank you, Adam. I'm having a bit of trouble with step 4. Where would I find Access packages?

Super User
Super User

Please confirm which "app"  you mean.  The one you create from a premium workspace, or the standalone app for slideshows on windows PCs?


For the former you need to send the app link to these external users before they can consume reports etc in that app. They need to "install" the app.

This would be for the mobile app. I'm using an iPhone.

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