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Issues for mobile reports (Android)



while creating a mobile report for one of our customers, I came across a couple of issues.


Device: Nexus 5X, Android 7.2.1

Power BI App: 111560


If not stated otherwise the issues refer to the phone view.



Background images

Background images are not properly displayed on Android (latest version). The background image is either not display at all, or it does not start at the top (x=0, y=0) but some pixels below (I believe its the height of the top navigation bar).


Title of clustered column chart

When setting a background color for the clustered column chart, the chart title does not have a background - it is just transparent.


Dark themes (also in standard view)

When using very dark background colors (e.g. black ;)) for visual like cards or columns charts, a few design issues arise:


- the loading circle for each visual is not visible anymore. This can be very problematic if the report has a filter. When the user changes the filter setting then PowerBI starts loading each visual async. Since the user cannot see the loading progress, it may happen that some visuals may change but some are still loading. This could cause trouble because the user might see data of the previous filter mixed with data of the new filter.


1. Let us allow to set the color of the loading circle. 

2. Implement an algorithm that intelligently decides the color based on the background (must have high contrast).


- the slicer can be complicated in dark themes. This is because the "selected" option will always be a very dark grey. So if you set a dark background, it is not clear to the user whether something is selected or not. 


1. Let us allow to set the color of the checkbox. 

2. Implement an algorithm that intelligently decides the color based on the background (must have high contrast).



Slicer selection

I am using a slicer/filter in multiselect mode that contains 50 items or so. When deselecting and selecting a new item, on deselection of the current item, the dropdown loses its scroll position and jumps back to the top. This can be very frustrating when you are at the bottom of the list and need to scroll down everytime.


Proposal: Keep the scroll position please 😉



Scrolling in report

When the user taps on a bar in a bar chart scrolling is "disabled" for the whole report.

Detailed explanation: 

- Bar chart is somewhere in the middle of your report (you need to scroll there)

- Tap on a bar to get details/tooltip

- Then try to scroll to another position ("scrolling tap" must start somewhere in the bar chart/plot area)

- Then scrolling within the report view is not working anymore

- When you start scrolling outside of the chart area, it is working again

- the tooltip of the bar initially tapped stays in stil absolute position and is not "closed" (overlays other visuals)



Best regards,



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@chrisbilljones Have you got the solution to your last point i.e Scrolling issue in the report?


I am also facing the same scrolling issue in my mobile reports.


Regarding Scrolling, we are working on a fix and will share more details next week.

Can you check this workaround:

"If the customer wants to scroll horizontally he needs to first start scrolling vertically and then (without raising the finger) scroll left/right because the vertical scrolling is still working."





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Hello @yarivm,


The scenario that I have explained above for the scrolling issue. I am facing this issue with Vertical scroll itself.


Vertical Scroll is not working for me. I don't have the horizontal scroll in my report.



Are you referring to this issue?:


When the user taps on any visual scrolling get "disabled" for the whole report.


Detailed explanation:


 - Tap on any visual on the report.


 - Try to Scroll by keeping the finger inside the selected control (the one on which you have tapped in the previous step) - Scrolling will not work.


 - When you try scrolling by keeping finger outside the visual, the scroll will work fine.

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@yarivm Yes, I am referring to that issue. Apologies for the wrong reference.

Hey ankitm-optimus,


The behavior you are describing is actually by design, and not a bug.

We're disabling scrolling of the report when the gestures starts in a selected visual.

This is done to allow the user a smooth interaction with the data inside the visual.

To enable report scrolling, you just need to tap/scroll outside of the visual.


Thanks, Maya

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @chrisbilljones,


I test with Q1 and Q2, they works well on my side, can you share some detail contents about these?
I can't reproduce Q6, please share some screenshot and detailed information about it.


You can submit Q2 and Q3 to ideas forum.


In addition, you can test with below methods and share the result to help confirm where the issue is:

1. Test with other android devices.

2. Test on IOS device.

3. Test on power bi service.



Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
If this post helps, please consider accept as solution to help other members find it more quickly.

I can also confirm a problem with background image positioning. The background image appears to respect the x=0 y=0 position, however the app navigation bar is positioned over the top of the background image. The report visualisations themselves are rendered below the app bar. When the app bar fades from view (e.g. when scrolling up the report), the full background image is revealed. This is happening in both Android and iOs apps.

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