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External user cannot access report in power bi iOS app



I'm having problem sharing a report to an external user in power bi iOS app. The external user can access the report using safari, but when he tries to access using the power bi iOS app, he gets the follow error:


AADSTS50020: User account 'xxxxxxxx' from identity provider '' does not exist in tenant 'xxxxxxx' and cannot access the application 'xxxxxxxx'(Microsoft Power BI) in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active Directory user account.





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You wont be able to access the different tenant direcly from the PowerBI app. Its documented in (



You can use the link with the ctid of the tenant to access differenet tenant.

Did they ever find a fix for this. I have a client who is getting this issue on their iPhone. They can use the PowerBI Pro on all devices but the phone. They also receive the AADSTS50020 User account error. I confirmed with AZ Directory that they are a tenant and they should not be receiving this message. Other Microsoft applications work like Mobile Outlook.

Hi pci,


I could solve my problem with the Power BI Mobile Support's help ( The realised I had two Microsoft accounts under the same email address registered on my device. Here are the steps that fixed it:

  1. Download the Edge app for iOS from the App Store on the affected device
  2. Enter edge://signin-internals in the URL/Search box
  3. Press the removeAllAccounts button at the bottom of that page.
  4. Close Edge, and attempt to sign into PowerBI again.





Hey that works great, thanks

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hey @SamirAbdayem ,


The mobile app requires a guest user to have Power BI home tenant before able to access exgternal content. This is the app current limitation. That means that the user should be able to sign in to the app and land on their organization tenant  home page, and only then the app will accept a link to content shared with them from other tenant.

Can it be that the guest user you are using does not have a Power BI home tenant?


Thanks, Maya


Hi Maya @mshenhav ,

Thank you for you answer. Could you help me to check if the guest user I'm using have a power bi home tenant?





Hey @SamirAbdayem ,


If a user has home tenant, they should be able sign in with their own credential to Power BI mobile app, and should be able to land on the home screen (not using the shared report link).


Thanks, Maya


@mshenhav sorry answering late. 


The user can sign in with their own credential to power bi mobile app. When they click on the link, open a mensage on the app that will "change their location". When click OK, it return the same error!



Hey @SamirAbdayem ,


Can you please contact us for additional investigation?

Please send us mail with all the details to Power BI Mobile Support (


Thanks, Maya 


Hi @mshenhav , 

I will send.



Hi @mshenhav,


I have the same problem. Actually, it is even a bit more complicated.


I cannot sign into my PowerBI account on my iPad using the PowerBI iOS app. It returns the error message quoted in the original post.



- I do have a PowerBI account.

- The app has worked on my iPad before.

- The app is working on my iPhone without problems.

- Access through browser is working on all devices including this iPad.


Any advice?


Thanks for your help,



Hey @mattVIN ,


Can you please answer the questions below:

What is the app version you are using?

Are you trying to connect to Power BI service or to Power BI Report Server?

If you are trying to connect to the service, are you connecting to the global service or to one of the services hosted in Sovereign clouds? 

Is your issue related to accessing external content or it is general sign in issue?


Thanks, Maya

Hi @mshenhav,


thanks for the quick reply.


- App version 27.6

- PowerBI Service

- I am trying to sign into my company's account. I am not fully sure where it is hosted.

- It seems a general issue. I am trying to access my company account.


Hope this helps.


PS: I have tried deleting and reinstalling both the PowerBI app and Authenticator app on my iPad. It didn't help.

Hey @mattVIN ,


Can you please contact Power BI Mobile Support ( so the team can investigate the issue with you?


Thanks Maya

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