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"Refreshing" Icon Missing, in the Service

'Tis a small thing, but I noticed that since today (approximately)...when looking at the list of datasets, in a workspace in the Power BI Service...when a dataset is in the process of refreshing, I no longer see a "circular arrow" icon to indicate that the dataset is currently refreshing.


It seems to be gone from all workspaces...for all datasets...whether it is a scheduled refresh or a manual refresh.


I really liked that icon! Can we please get it back?


For example, I took the following screenshot when my dataset had a refresh in progress...






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I am not clear about the icon you mention. When the dataset is refreshing, the refresh message and process always appear at the top right of the web page.



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Hi Lydia, yes, after I click "Refresh now," I see that notification you mentioned. It appears briefly, in the top-right, then it disappears.


What I am talking about is another icon, which used to be displayed right where that red arrow is pointing in my screenshot. It would appear there, "spinning," and it would remain there for the entire duration of the dataset refresh. (E.g., I have a dataset that takes ~10 minutes to refresh, and the icon would be there, "spinning," for the entire ~10 minutes.)


Maybe the icon wasn't a "circular arrow" like I said originally. (I see now the "Refresh now" button is a circular arrow. I might have gotten them confused.) Instead, maybe it was a spinning circle. Something like that.


Someone else must know what I'm talking about. Does anyone else still see it, and can you post a screenshot? (I can't find an image of it, on the Web.) Or can anyone else confirm that it no longer appears?

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I also noticed that the "spinning circle" icon is missing. I also liked it and want it back. It is much easier to look at the list of datasets and see which are refreshing rather than go into each dataset individually.

@kevhav @b0b555,

We have consulted this issue internally. Will post back once I get any updates.


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Status changed to: Investigating
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Hi! I am also looking forward to getting the old "refreshing wheel" back. I just wanted to add that also the error icon seems to be missing, which previously appeared when the refresh failed.





@kevhav @catleen @b0b555,

The fix for this issue will reach production next week.


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Thanks Lydia

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Beyond the above spinning refresh icon in the Service, we no longer see the yellow warning triangle if a dataset fails its refresh. Please can you fix that at the same time as the above? The issue started at exactly the same time as the refresh animation, so I suspect the two are linked. Thanks. 

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I don't see the refreshing circle in any of my dashboards any more. Is there some system switch to turn on or off the refreshing circle?