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Smart Narratives not working with text measures

I have a Measure that returns a text value (Test Measure = "Test"). It seems that the Smart Narratives visual is not able to correctly display such measure. Other visuals have no problem in doing so (Q&A included).

I tried to format the Measure in "General" and "Text": same result.

Could this be a bug? Thanks


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hi  @cesare_centomo 

To myu knowledge, it couldn't achieve in Smart Narrative for now.

as you could see there are only Numerical format, that means text or other format are not supported for now.



you could post your new idea in Power BI ideas and make this feature coming sooner.



Best Regards,


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Hi Lin ( @v-lili6-msft ),

I've performed more test on this and I can see that the same test works in a file with fewer data imported. I'm trying more tests to understand why it stops working in that particular data model.


I'll keep posted my results.


Best, Cesare.

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Hi everyone,

I think I narrowed down the issue to calculation groups. I'll leave a couple of images that shows it.

When multiple SELECTEDMEASURE() functions are called in a calculation item, the smart narrative won't display the text measure.


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Hi @cesare_centomo,


Thankyou! You've helped me figure out why dynamic text values (Smart Narriatives) stopped working in my report - the auto-complete no longer works.  It seems to break if I simply open Tabular Editor, click save, and then refresh my PBI report.  Hopefully Lin (@v-lili6-msft) can also replicate this problem.


Kind Regards,

Helper II

@cesare_centomo @v-lili6-msft were you able to find a work around it? Is Microsoft working on fixing this issue?

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Hi @zzakir,
unfortunately, I haven't found a workaround. I know that Microsoft was looking at the problem but haven't heard back from them in a while. I've asked for an update today. I will update this thread with any news.