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Search on a slicer set as dropdown

In the January 2017 release it looks like the Search facility on a slicer that is set to a drop down has been removed? 


I can set up a slicer as list and search it but as soon as I switch it to a drop down I can no longer search.


Can this be re-instated?

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I can repro the same issue as you. I’ve reported it internally to Power BI Team: CRI 29913499

I’ll post here once I get any update about it.


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Status changed to: Accepted



The fix will be included in the Feb 2017 version of Power BI Desktop. Please check it later.


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I've been waiting to check that this search function is re-instated in the Feb release. This now out, and while I can again SEE the search in Power BI Desktop, the ability to CLICK INTO IT seems to not be functioning correctly.


Both in Desktop and the Power BI Service you have to fiddle quite a bit on hovering on just the right spot on the line below the search grid as the cursor doesn't seem to be picking up the full field?


Are others seeing this currently? Will it be fixed soon?




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hi @v-haibl-msft I have updated to the February desktop version but this didn't contain a fix to the search on dropdown bug. Any news on which release it will be in?



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I can confirm the same issue in feb. version. This is a very used function in several of our reports 😞

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The update to enable Slicers to be rendered as dropdown was a huge win from a UI perspective allowing me to reclaim significant screen real estate.  Now my customers are accustomed to the reports I have designed but rely upon the "search" mechanism.  I can confirm that on my desktop and obviously published reports/dashboards this feature is gone.  I have updated to the latest desktop engine hoping for a fix but it is still not working.  See screenshots below:


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Having the same exact issue as mikejosephson.

I thought it was just with some formats, but now that I have tested it out with locations, text, and numeric values, I can say that it's happening across the board.

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I am still seeing the same issue with searching in drop-down type slicers, both in Chrome and Firefox browsers, even with a slicer width of 316.

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It must have come back because we figured it out at some point and shared this "how to" with our users (of course the best UX would not require a "how to", but no one could find this hidden search function - it's a lot of clicks):