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PowerBI Desktop Publish Hangs

The previous version and the new October version of PowerBI desktop hangs when publishing reports to the Power BI portal. The report gets published sucessfully but the "Publishing to Power BI" dialog never finishes. Clicking on cancel or close on the dialog does nothing. The only way to get out of PowerBI desktop is to use task manger and kill the PowerBI process.


It is like PowerBI desktop gets stuck and the portal doesn't tell it the report and dataset is done publishing.

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Hey everyone, great news, it looks like the tech at Microsoft we've been working with has isolated exactly what is causing the bug. The nice thing is the workaround until it can be patched is very simple.


Long and short, if you have the preview feature "Custom Data Connectors" enabled, we're hitting this bug. Simply turning off that option (and rebooting PBI desktop so it takes effect) clears everything up - at least for me. Curious to hear others who have been having the issue to seeif this works for them. My assumption is that deleting the file removes that option from being set, thus clearing it up (indirectly).





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I can confirm I had the "Custom Data Connectors" enabled as well. Needed this to have the beta of Denodo connector available.

Now, since removing my I didn't run into the hang-problem, but I will keep this new workaround in mind if I encounter the problem again.

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Thanks for the path @tuannie.

Although it didn't work. My guess is that this problem also is related to network issues.

  • This problem only affects some reports for me. These reports are all using the Power BI Onlie Dataset as a data source, and never with a report using a on-prem SQL data source
  • I mostly have the problem when working in my office. Knowing my proxy configuration, I use my WEB-proxy both at work as well as from home. The difference is that my FW at work are much more restricted than my FW at home

The WEB proxy (Zscaler) is cloud based and also active when I work from home. Knowing that most applications are not aways 100% Proxy aware, my guess is that the Power BI Desktop application (when publishing) doesn't send all trafic through the WEB-proxy, it also sends some trafic through the FW. 


If this is correct, I will (as alwys) recomend Microsoft to verify their products in an isolated environment, having a 100% restricting FW and a 100% allowing proxy. This will not capture all web-proxy problems, but will show/indicate if the application are true proxy aware

Maybe this is already a known issue, and if so. anyone knowing where to find the needed network perimeter configurations for Power BI Desktop (Publishing to the Power BI Service)


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I didn't see @Anonymous comment about the custom connectors before reading my above comment. Makes sence for me since I only have problems with connection to Power BI Service DataSet. Still it's like I said that I only se this problem at work, so I guess there are some kind of network related issue beeing the root cause for this problem


@padeThe issue that you are having may be different. Please open a support/incident ticket and we'll have someone look into the issue.

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 Thanks SPowell42OSUWMC


Your recomendation to delete the and restart Power BI fixed my Publishing never ending dialog box as well, even after updating to the June 2018 edition.



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Hi all - just to clarify - deleting the fixes the issue - but isn't required. Instead, go in to Preview Features and DISABLE "Custom Data Connectors". This is the actual fix until Microsoft corrects the custom data connectors.


Deleting the simply forces Power BI to start with no preview features selected...because they are saved in the file.




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Just realized I never posted a close to this...MS published a fix to the custom data connectors that resolves this issue. I think it went out at the end of was definitely an update to the June version.




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My testing confirms that this issue is resolved.


I'm running 2.59.5135.781 64-bit (June 2018), which was published on 27 June 2018:


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I continue to see this issue and neither of the two fixes resolved my situation.  I downloaded the latest version today, and continue to see the hang when publishing.


My workaround was to delete the dataset within the Service before publishing.  I believe it has something to do with the Live Connection to Analysis Services and having to choose the Gateway connection.  While this works, it's not very acceptable, because I have to remove the dataset from the published App before being able to remove the dataset.