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Power BI Desktop application stealing focus multiple times when refreshing or opening

Please can something be done about this infuriating problem? I want to be able to set a big PBIX dashboard to open, and then while it is taking time to load, go and work on another windows application. However BI Desktop steals focus at least twice whilst loading its data, meaning I can't work on much else as I don't know when it will next focus.


Please help - I am tearing my hair out here!


Video showing the problem when starting a blank PBIX file:

The password to access the Vimeo video is "PleaseDontFobMeOff"

Status: New
Microsoft Employee

This sounds similar to something that I find frustrating as well. When I add a new data source or refresh data in PowerBI desktop, it can take a while. So I work in other apps while that is happening, for example writing an email in Outlook. As soon as PowerBI is done with the refresh though, it steals focus and interrupts whatever I am doing. I might be mid-sentence in an email, and suddenly my report has stolen focus and is right in front of me. It is jarring and disruptive. I would prefer that the app blink politely in the task bar when it is done.

Advocate II

@alicelaura Hi Alicelaura, given you're a Microsoft employee could you please please please mention this to your colleagues? The product has simply got to start behaving like a normal windows application and stop stealing focus. I'm currently building a hacky workaround using autohotkey that really shouldn't be necessary. Please let me know if you can get any exposure on this issue - many thanks.

Advocate II

two years later still same issue.


guys please less flashy visuals, more basics

Advocate II

Not only it steals focus; it completely messes up with it.

try this:

1 open notepad, a web browser and powerbi desktop

2 refresh report in powerbi desktop and start typing on the web browser address bar

3 focus is magically changed to notepad.

Basically i started typing a url in my browser and ended up typing in notepad.

Can MS please stop powerbi from stealing focus?

Thank you