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Line Chart Forecast Throws An Error On Power BI Online Service

Hello Team,


I have a simple line chart that shows sales for the last three years and then I added the trend line from the analytics tab and

I also have added a forecast trend line. It was working for the last two weeks then suddenly, it stopped working,  get this error below:-


If I download the report to my computer, and use power bi desktop app, the line chart works just fine, the forecast works and I don't get any error, it only stopped working on the cloud service in Power BI this morning.


I am thinking this is a bug, I also have used a different dataset completely and tried replicating the issue and the line chart right away throws an error when I try to add the forecast line. The trend line is fine, its the forecast that drives the entire visual to throw an error and fail to display result.


Note: I do have a Power BI Pro license


Any suggestions please!


Thank you




Status: Delivered

Currently this issue should be fixed already in Power BI Service as far as I know and test, please check it again.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Regular Visitor

Yes it is resolved. thank you!