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Interrogate Errors: Failed to locate XX Features - Yellow error warning bar

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I have pasted a link to the image above, I could not embed it for some reason.


I am pretty new to PowerBI, so be nice. I have loaded some geographical data against the UK using a postcode file on a map.


I get a yellow warning error bar at the bottom of the ESRI/ ARCGIS map that tells me: "Failed to Locate 23 Features".


I cannot work out how to interrogate, review or fix these 'features'.


It would be really helpful if error reporting was able to be scrutinised a lot more clearly for a novice like myself.


Any comments and support would be welcome. 


Many thanks,




Status: Needs Info
Helper I

Hey folks - Scott from Esri here. We're seeing some problems with the service that returns boundaries (such as countries, ZIP codes, etc.). We are fast-tracking a fix and hope to have it rolled out to the service as soon as possible. Thank you for letting us know about the issue and thank you for your patience!

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Sott from Esri - I hope you are fixing the fundamental issue - you report xx errors but we have no way of interrogating an error file to work out what is the error class.  If you fix the boundary error as you are implying - great - but we will enter the same loop as this topic when the next error crops up.

Thanks - Mike
New Member

I'm having this problem and would really like to see a solution. Any updates?


I was able to manually track a couple of issues. I now know that ARCGIS doesn't like the country name U.S. (prefers USA instead). Seems like it should be able to overcome this on it's own. Doesn't fix the underlying issue that you can't interrogate errors.

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I second this and would also like to see the ability to diagnose the failure error.

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I don't understand why we can't have an error list.  Please give us a way to figure out which specific lines failed to geocode.

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14 months since I first posted this issue, and not the slightest bit of progress, other than hot air from apparent company representatives. 


I knew there was a reason I didn't subscribe to PowerBI yet... Basic things like this should be prioritised and dealt with quickly.


The system knows there is an error, so why not just show us what the system can see behind the scenes?!

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And why is this still 'Needs info'? 


I think it's pretty obvious what the issue is... Can you move this up the status list please?

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Is this still a issue? It's a good visual, but it's impossible to use to build reports and show for clients with missing data and worse without know WHICH data.

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I'm relatively new to Power BI and am having the same issues, and it's shocking to see that this is even an issue in the first place, but secondly that it's been open for over a year and hasn't been fixed.


An error message saying "Failed to locate 11 features" is completely worthless if you don't have a way for users to figure out which 11 features can't be found. Are they important locations, are the small locations that I can leave off? Who knows? But apparently the only way to find out is manually go through lists of potentially 100s of locations to find which one isn't working.


This isn't even a hard request. Clearly the software knows which data can't be mapped, so just let the user see the list of names.


Previously I used Tableau and if it couldn't map something it would show you the list and also allow to you manually map it. So let's say it couldn't map "Korea S." you could immediately see which location was causing a problem and manually go in and change it to "South Korea" and identify the fix and problem. 




Advocate II

I am experiencing the same problem. I just read through the entire chain of comments. 

Two takeaway:

1. Power BI is lagging in GeoCoding solution.

2. Power BI (MSFT Team) is not holding ArcGIS (vendor) accountable to provide proper solution.