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Data Colors Change in Service vs Desktop (different color priorities)

This is becoming a very big pain point for me.... It is crucial that my colors stay consistent throughout my report, However, the colors will change in the service!!


Below image shows what I have set in Desktop.





Below shows what is in the Service. Even when I try to re-publish my desktop report. The colors won't match. I have to completely delete the report from my service, then publish. And even then it only lasts a day before the colors are changed.




You will notice, it is all the same colors in both charts.... However, they are just taking different priorities.... In Desktop, I have the magenta line as top priority, but in the Service, it doesn't follow that.


Please, please, please fix this. There are so many threads about this, that have supposedly been resolved, but the issue is not resolved.

Status: Needs Info
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I am so surprised this is still an issue (original post 2018). I had another report that didn't do this, but this recent new report using a brand new file with the default template, did. I didn't change the colors, just used the default. I'm happy to show anyone interested what I did on this. It's really obvious the difference in the two. The labels are exactly the same, just colors are different. 




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I'm experiencing this same issue and came here to find a solution. It doesn't appear there is one yet?


As the developer I ignored this, but the users are complaining.


When subscribed to a report by email, even the screenshots sent out have the incorrect colors. They use the colors 'randomly' assigned by the PowerBI service and not the theme colors shown in my Desktop version.


It's actually affecting readability.

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@rnb3 I have not heard from anyone except your post. Did you vote on it to get resolved? Assuming we'll need a few more thousand users to get it looked at. (Sorry for the sarcasm)


I don't experience it on a regular basis so maybe I did something different and it isn't affected in the same way my sample above was? I really have no idea. I know how frustrating it can be once the users start to complain because you are forced to find a fix, when there doesn't seem to be one since it's intermittent (it seems).

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This was flagged 5 years ago and it still hasn't been resolved. What's going on here??


I'm currently getting the same glitch. I have a stacked column chart (and 100% stacked column), with specific colours set to the legend values. 







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Does anyone know where to go from here? This ideas shows "Needs Info". What info? From whom? It's not had but 43 upvotes, but I'm sure there are others who experience this.  How many does it take to get on the radar to investigate? Is this not an "idea" but a "bug" maybe? Is there a different place this should be posted? I don't spend a lot of time on the site so I'm not familar with how bugs vs enhancements are managed. Seems to me it's more of a bug that should be looked into.


Anyone have any insights? 

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The bug is still here. We need more upvotes/comments I guess.


Please Microsoft team solve this issue !

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Update to the latest version of Power BI Desktop.

I don't know if you tried this before but it worked here, the colors are the same in both now.



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Hello! Any update on the solution to this? Even a workaround is fine. Is it just about getting the most recent PBI version? Please provide some help. Thank you!

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I have had this issue, for some time now...strange why it has not been resolved yet!!, tried different browsers too, no change.

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I have not experienced this again since my original post in Dec 2022, but it sounds like it is still around but isolated, which makes it hard to pinpoint the problem and get a fix. Does anyone even know if it's being looked into?