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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Introduce Yourself!

Let's get to know each other a little better!  

Reply to this thread and introduce yourself  😊

Let everyone know where you're hacking from and what Microsoft Fabric workloads and AI / Copilot features that you're most excited about experimenting with!

New Member


My name is Cristopher Hugo Olivares Del Real. I'm from Ciudad Juarez Mexico, I am 27 years old and I am new to Fabric. I just Joined the hackaton today hopefully I can get to submit somethind during this weekend. 

Regular Visitor

Just started MS Fabric enjoying learning and trying to absorb. I didn't participated yet keep informed. Definatly Fabric and copilot big break through of Microsoft. 

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hey everybody, I'm part of Paul's team at Microsoft. I'm focused on all things Real-Time analytics, so KQL, Event Stream, but also open source technologies like Kafka or RabbitMQ. Of course I'm also interested in GenAI (who isn't these days), so I wanna show some experiments I've been doing with Fabric and GenAI. Catch you all in the rest of the forum!

Nice to meet you. 

If we have any questions on those topics, ok yo ask you then please?

Hey, nice to meet you too!. Feel free to post questions and tag me. 

Frequent Visitor

Hi! I'm Manrique, from Costa Rica. It's great to be here and I hope this hackathon is a great experience for everyone! I've been a MS Power* tools learner and now also an AI enthusiast. Me (and my hackathon teammate) are looking forward to learn how to do much more with MS Fabric and AI.



I would like to do the below solution :

summarize companies earnings call artefacts and store the key financial KPIs in One Lake. Then perform predictive analytics for assessment of performance in next quarter. 
@pdecarlo  please confirm if this use case is applicable for the hackathon.

@koyelia134848, this idea is 100% in-line with the theme of the hackathon as it utilizes predictive analytics which makes it officially a Fabric + AI solution! We look forward to your submission, good luck!

Advocate III
Advocate III

I have previously introduced myself. One thing I just realized is that I won't be able to use the Copilot preview given that it doesn't work with a Fabric Trial capacity. Thus, I will have concentrate my efforts on using some of the remaining features I do have access to.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi all, I am Dan from the UK.


Very excited about this hackathon to encourage me to learn by using something practical.

Originally interested in Real TIme Analytics in Fabric, I look forward to narrowing down an idea I can complete in time that will fit the Hackathon goals.

Thanks for launching this and looking forward to see what others will build too.

New Member

Hi everyone, I'm Marco!

I'm based in Zürich, working primarily as a system administrator and SQL Server DBA. I've dabbled a bit in Azure, including Azure Data Factory, and I'm currently curious about exploring Fabric. My goal is to not only pursue a personal interest but also to discover how it might enhance the ETL processes at my company. Looking forward to engaging with this community. Thanks!

Frequent Visitor

Hi, I am Basheer, coming out from Project management to BI, gaining expertise in MS Power BI day-by-day in my challenging official requirements, I am excited to join the Fabric Hack Together Hackathon. 

Frequent Visitor

Hello fellow Fabricons,

My name is Paul, and I'm currently developing a Power BI "Vision" Copilot using the GPT-4 Vision and Microsoft Fabric, alongside Azure AI Studio Models like GPT-4 and Orca2. My project aims to:

  1. Automate Export and Analysis: Leverage AI to streamline the process of transforming Power BI reports into actionable insights.
  2. Enhance Report Design: Use GPT4Vision AI-driven analysis to improve the aesthetics and effectiveness of report presentations.
  3. Innovate with Microsoft Fabric: Experiment with Power BI Audiences, Roles, and Models to explain measures and models based on the aptitude of the user.

I've crafted a custom ChatGPT AI Assistant, part of the AutoGen Flow for Fabric Hackathon (AFFH), that guides me through Microsoft Autogen Agent, Skills, and Workflows to serve as a brainstorming assistant, but I could really use a "real" human proxy to work with. I'm on the lookout for a teammate who is excited about pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI and data visualization. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to Microsoft Autogen, I believe we can create something truly impactful.

If you're interested in learning more about Microsoft Autogen or building a project using the Custom GPT (with or without my assistance), check out the AutoGen Flow GPT at the link below: AutoGen Flow for Fabric Hackathon - Custom ChatGPT GPT

For more details and to join forces, you can reach me on the Microsoft Fabric Forum here

Let's harness the power of AI to transform data into narratives that drive decision-making. If you're ready to dive into a project that could redefine the standards of data visualization and AI integration, let's connect!

Looking forward to innovating with you, Paul

Autogen Flow GPT Replicate Enviornment in ChatGPTAutogen Flow GPT Replicate Enviornment in ChatGPTBuild SkillsBuild SkillsDefine Autogen AgentsDefine Autogen AgentsPick multiple models like Azure OpenAI GPT4 and Orca2 to work togetherPick multiple models like Azure OpenAI GPT4 and Orca2 to work togetherOrchestrate and Automate using Agent Group Chat in WorkflowsOrchestrate and Automate using Agent Group Chat in Workflows

Hi @mcdiddy4 I am really interested to know more about your custom solution, and would like to take part along to learn and rightly use my expertise wherever possible, please can we connect.

Hi @mcdiddy4  am really interested to know more about your custom GPT and AutoGen Flow. Eager to connect to take this forward 

Did you just invent your own hackathon, where you are the only person competing? AutoGen Flow for Fabric Hackathon? what hackathon is that? The only hackathon related to Fabric that I know about right now is the Microsoft Fabric Global AI hack. I'm confused. 

@alxdean ,

Thank you for raising a valid point, and I appreciate the opportunity to clarify. The AutoGen Flow for Fabric Hackathon I mentioned is indeed aligned with the broader objectives of the Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hack. AutoGen, developed by Microsoft, is designed to automate and streamline workflows, particularly in integrating AI capabilities with applications like Power BI. It’s part of Microsoft's ecosystem, aimed at enhancing productivity and fostering innovation through AI.

Microsoft Fabric and AutoGen are closely related in their goals to empower developers and data scientists alike to create impactful AI solutions efficiently. For instance, AutoGen simplifies the deployment of AI models and workflows, making it easier for participants like myself to demonstrate innovative uses of AI within the Fabric framework. It's a bit like how Visual Studio Code (VSCode) integrates with various Microsoft technologies, not directly part of Fabric but essential for development within its ecosystem.

To better illustrate my point and address your curiosity, I encourage you to explore the following resources:
- Microsoft Research Blog: [Exploring Bold Ideas in AI](, highlighting the latest in AI innovations, including those relevant to our discussion.
- Principal Researcher Chi Wang’s Profile: [Chi Wang’s Contributions to AutoGen](, showcasing the leadership behind AutoGen's development.

- Microsoft Fabric and Fabric Documentation: (

In summary, AutoGen serves as a foundational tool for the hackathon by offering:
- Efficiency and Documentation: Streamlining AI solution development with integrated documentation capabilities.
- Innovation Potential: Enabling the creation of novel AI-driven solutions that leverage Microsoft Fabric.
- Privacy Compliance: Ensuring that solutions adhere to Microsoft's stringent privacy standards.
- Collaboration Support: Facilitating team collaboration, which is crucial for hackathon success.

I hope this clarifies the relevance of AutoGen to the hackathon and how it complements Microsoft Fabric. @pdecarlo What is your position on using Microsoft Autogen to assist in the Hackathon Submission?  I’m looking to discuss these points further and explore collaboration opportunities. If you're interested or have more questions, let's connect!

Best regards,
Paul (mcdiddy4)

Hello Paul, thank you for clarifying, that there is no new hackathon, but rather that you aim to use autogen as part of your submission for the current hackathon. I am quite aware of what autogen and semantic-kernel are, no need to provide further qualification there. 

Frequent Visitor

Hi, I am Koyelia , a data and AI enthusiast. I have been working on Azure Data services and Power BI and really amazed at the power which Fabrics bring - a one stop shop for all data intensive and intelligence requirement. I am eager to participate in this hackathon just for the great learning experience that I would have working with all of you. 


Frequent Visitor

Hi, my name is Rock Pereira. I am a Data Engineer + Data Scientist and work on AWS. I took the DP-600 beta exam. I want to learn Microsoft tools such as Power Query, DAX, KQL, and Azure. I am proficient with Databricks & Lakehouse - with two certifications - Data Engineer Pro & Apache Spark Developer.

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