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Advocate III
Advocate III

How to rename tables or columns in semantic model (built on DirectLake mode Lakehouse or Warehouse)

Hi all - I'm struggling with how to rename table and column names in a semantic model built using DirectLake against a Lakehouse or Warehouse. Hoping I'm just missing something, because this is a huge barrier if not for multiple reasons:


1. Lakehouses and Warehouses don't allow spaces in their Table Names, so you have to use names like Employee_ID in the Lakehouse. But I want this to show up as Employee ID (without the underscore) in the semantic model.


2. If I need to include a date table more than once in a model (for example, for hospital admission dates and discharge dates) - with no way to rename the table / columns a report user won't be able to tell the two from each other. For that matter, how would I include the same table twice in a semantic model? In a normal semantic model (created thru desktop) I'd simply bring the table in multiple times, rename one as "Admission Date" and the other as "Discharge Date", set up the relationships and be done. Doesn't seem possible if we can't rename tables and columns?


Appreciate any help, I feel like I must be missing something obvious.




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Scott_Powell 


Thanks for using Microsoft Fabric Community.


Table names are inherited from the Lakehouse, and you can change the column names in the Web Modelling UI. Key point of attention is that Shortcut names in the Lakehouse cannot be edited right now after the creation. You'll need to make sure they are named correctly upon creation.

To change the column names, you can do it under Properties pane or you can do it under Data pane.




I hope this helps. If you have any further questions please do let us know.

Hi @v-cboorla-msft , I finally figured out what was going on - both for this issue and for another one I was struggling with (not being able to set formatting for measures appropriately).


It appears that you can not change column names in the "default semantic model" that gets created with each Lakehouse / Warehouse. In the default model, when I go in to the properties pane, the column names are blocked from being editable.


But if you build your own semantic model, all of this stuff is completely editable. Is this expected behavior?


One question - there was advice and/or a requirement when Fabric first came out to not put spaces in table names. Is this still true? If so, I still don't seem to have a way to edit table names. Also still unsure how to add a table twice in a semantic model (for example, if I need my date dimension in the model two times because I need them for both "admit date" and "discharge date").




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