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Helper II
Helper II

how to fetch all Datasources for all Datasets

Hello, i am trying with the PowerShell apis but to no avail. i am looking for a way to retreive all the datasets and their underlying data sources for the whole organization. so i do not want to have to enter the DatasetID ot PowerBIDatasouce api.


anyhelp would be well appreciated



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Any update on that ? 

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Not sure what you mean by "whole organisation" but my guess is all workspaces that your user has access to.

Get all datasets in your organization: (Example 2)

Loop through all datasets and get all datasources in each dataset: (Example 2 if you only want datasources in your organization in the specified dataset)


You can call the REST api using Powershell , if you want to do that my suggestion would be to get all workspaces which you have access to:

Loop through all workspaces and for each workspace get all datasets :

And then for each dataset get all datasources :



Hi thanks for your reply, so when i say 'whole organization' i actually mean the organization.

so it looks like i need to write some powershell script to loop through the results from one api, and add as a parameter to another api.

is that what you mean ?



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Okay, then yes I believe that is how you'll have to do it

mmmmm, fair enough.

i was hoping to run the individual apis, each into a file, and perform some joining in Power BI.

but due to having to have a DatasetID as an input parameter, i cannot run it wide open.

it's a shame as other apis, can be run wide open, with just the 'organization' -scope value




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This is just a guess from my side, I don't know the Power BI Powershell API, powershell in general, well enough to tell you this is the way to go

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