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Write back in a composite model

Hey guys,

So my customers wants to be able to add or adjust data to the Power BI report. The solution I created is with PowerApps, where they can enter data to an Excel file and joining the data back to the data model.


So far it is working.


The thing is, they will need to refresh the dataset and the report, to be able to see the data. Since we are working with a large datamodel, this takes a while.


I have been asked to demonstrate a real-time solution for the added data and create a composite model, both Imported data and Directquery. I have tried creating an API from Power BI Datasets, but after setting it up and investing a lot of time in it, it appears Power BI Datasets isn’t supported in a composite model.


Do you guys have any ideas on this?

Super User
Super User

I personally do not. I have not seen anything that is essentially real time or close to real time for this. I suppose if you were updating the Direct Query source using Power Automate tied to your PowerApp then that should essentially be real time but once you introduce the import component, I don't see how you get to "real time" because if you are updating the import portion of the data, then you have to run the import to update the data in the data model.

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Hi Greg,


Exactlty. Thank you for your input. Helps to ease my mind that the answer is not that simple and it's not me. XD

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