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UpdateDetails: Must be a non-empty collection

Hello everyone, im trying to update the datasource on some datasets, but i get the error in the title, it happens when i try to send a petition to this endpoint:{groupid}/datasets/{datasetid}/Default.UpdateDatasources
Im doing this with Powershell, and im constructing the json as an object first and then transforming it as a json, i created the file and passed it through jsonlint and it was okay, i've also checked the field UpdateDetails and its obviously not empty, to be honest, im kind of lost because there's also almost 0 information about this on the network.
This is my code:

Import-Module powershell-yaml
$AccessTokenParams = @{grant_type='refresh_token';refresh_token='my_refresh_token';client_id='my_app_client_id';client_secret='my_app_secret';scope=''}
$AccessToken = @{Authorization='Bearer ' + (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -Method Post -Body $AccessTokenParams | ConvertFrom-Json).access_token}

$datasetIdList = ((((Invoke-WebRequest -Uri{groupid}/reports -Method Get -Headers $AccessToken).Content) | ConvertFrom-Yaml).value).datasetId
foreach ($dataset in $datasetIdList)
$datasource = ((Invoke-WebRequest -Uri{groupid}/datasets/$dataset/datasources -Method Get -Headers $AccessToken).Content)
if (-Not ($datasource -like "*unwantedsourcetochange1*") -And -Not ($datasource -like "*unwantedsourcetochange2*") -And -Not ([string]::IsNullOrEmpty(($datasource | ConvertFrom-Yaml).value))) {
$datasource = $datasource.replace('oldstring','newstring')
$updateDetails= @()
$connectionList = ($datasource | ConvertFrom-Yaml).value.connectionDetails
foreach ($connection in $connectionList){
$server = $connection.server
$path = $connection.path
$connectionObject = [PSCustomObject]@{
"server" = $server
"path" = $path
$datasourceSelector = [PSCustomObject]@{
"datasourceSelector" = @{
"datasourceType" = "AzureDataLakeStorage"
"connectionDetails" = $connectionObject
$connectionDetails = [PSCustomObject]@{
"connectionDetails" = $connectionObject
$updateDetails += $datasourceSelector
$updateDetails += $connectionDetails
$json = [PSCustomObject]@{
"updateDetails" = @($updateDetails)
$json = $json | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 100
if ($dataset -eq "specific-datasetid-i-want-to-change-for-testing-purposes") {
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri{groupid}/datasets/{specific datasetid}/Default.UpdateDatasources -Method Post -Body $json -Headers $AccessToken

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