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Resolver I
Resolver I

Track Power BI Capacity overloaders


I'm trying to set up "Tracking for Power BI Capacity overloaders" by following this description


Looks like it is working for one of our P2 capacities, but we also have two P1 capacities that it looks like data is missing.

If I connect in DAX Studio to the "Premium metrics apps" dataset and execute this dax code on the P2 capacity I get correct answer  and the correct timestamp for the latest overload if I compare with the metric app.


// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Get the Overloader Dataset ID
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    VAR CapacityID = "XXXXX"
    VAR vHourDiff = 48

    FILTER (
            ADDCOLUMNS (
                ADDCOLUMNS (
                    SUMMARIZECOLUMNS (
                    "Last_OverloadTS", CALCULATE ( MAX ( ThrottlingByItem[OperationStartTime] ) ),
                    "Sum_throlltletime", CALCULATE ( SUM ( ThrottlingByItem[count_throlltletime] ) )
                "HourDiff", DATEDIFF ( [Last_OverloadTS], NOW (), HOUR )
            ThrottlingByItem[count_throttledoperations] > 0
            ,Capacities[CapacityId] = CapacityID
        [HourDiff] < vHourDiff && [Sum_throlltletime] > 0


But for my 2 other P1 capacities I do not get any data but I can see I have overloading in the app.
I have also notice that if I query this table I also only having data for the P2 capacity.

But all capacities is in table 'Capacities'


What am I missing?


Frequent Visitor

so now pbi guy solution for capacity overloaders are no more working, cause 10/01 capacity metrics is depreciated and wont work anymore. have to get the DAX for Fabric Metrics monitoring.

Frequent Visitor

i did set the power automate as per the instructions and at the end i got stuck with this error 


{"error":{"code":"DatasetExecuteQueriesError","pbi.error":{"code":"DatasetExecuteQueriesError","parameters":{},"details":[{"code":"DetailsMessage","detail":{"type":1,"value":"Query (15, 58) Cannot find table 'ThrottlingByItem'."}},{"code":"AnalysisServicesErrorCode","detail":{"type":1,"value":"3241803779"}}]}}}


Any idea why this is complaning about the analysis services engine... i know dataset is nothing but a tabular model on workspace( as aas instance)... but still what is missing.???

Advocate I
Advocate I

Is there any reason behind why data is being skewed once capacity report is stored in Premium? Is it mentioned somewhere in the documentation? In this case, PBI Guy solution is not valid, what's your opinion?

It's a standard tenet of control systems that a monitoring process cannot reside on the monitored asset, otherwise it will monitor itself and -worst case- create a positive feedback saturation.

Thanks for the info! I excluded Capacity Metrics workspace from Premium and the report still shows overloaders which are not retrieved by the DAX query from pbi guy link (It seems you can still run DAX queries through Power Automate against a non-premium dataset). So same issue initially reported here still.

Resolver I
Resolver I

Thanks for info, I didn't know that the "Premium metric app" should not be on a premium workspace.
I will move it out from premium than and then I guess this article is not valid longer.

Super User
Super User

 I connect in DAX Studio to the "Premium metrics apps" dataset

How?  That app should not be on a premium workspace to avoid skewing the data.

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