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Report Embed in Phone Layout shows only middle part



I am trying to use the mobile embed layout as explained here;


Here is my config settings looks like for embed;




The height and width of the embed div is: width: 724px; height: 407.25px;


I tried to change the height and width but that didnt matter much.


Here is a screenshot of the power BI desktop in Phone Layout:


Power BI Phone LayoutPower BI Phone Layout


And here is how it looks in page after embed with MobilePortraitLayout:



After embedAfter embed


Just want to understand whats wrong am I doing. I tried to play with the height / width to ensure thats not something wrong I am doing but that didn't help. 


Any help will be appreciated!


The Layout have two values for the Mobile, make sure you configured it as MobilePortrait.

Code example:

var embedConfiguration = {
	type: 'report',
	id: '5dac7a4a-4452-46b3-99f6-a25915e0fe55',
	embedUrl: '',
	tokenType: models.TokenType.Embed,
	accessToken: 'h4...rf',
	settings: {
            layoutType: models.LayoutType.MobilePortrait



Hi Michael,


Yes i do change the layout using following code;


	if ( {
				if (data.hasMobilePortraitLayout) {
					config.settings.layoutType = models.LayoutType.MobilePortrait;
					config.pageView = "oneColumn";


That code also executes before 


powerbi.embed(reportContainer, config);


I also thought pageView might help but it doesnt. So I tried with and without page view but no luck.


Seems some bug with embed API?

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