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Programmatically change CSV data source in PBIX file

Hello everyone,


I have an ETL tool that operates on certain targets. Each ETL run produces a set of CSV files in certain well-defined shape.


I have chosen a single set of CSVs as a data source for PBIX file. After importing them, I create variety of visualizations (grids, matrix, column bars, sankeys, etc) to display the data in various pleasing ways.


I would like to target a different set of CSVs without having to recreate data connections and visualization widgets. To do this manually, I can do the following:

1. make a copy of PBIX file

2. open new file Power BI Desktop

3. adjust path to CSV data source files to the new folder

4. save and apply queries to update the visualizations with new data


Now I would like to automate those steps. I do not see any API for manipulating PBIX files, and the file format appears to be opaque. 


Thinking that this might be just a variation on OpenXML Office file format, I tried the following:

- Unzip the PBIX file

- Unzip the DataMashup file (complains about there being data past the end of file though)

- Edit "DataMashup\Formulas\Section1.m" to point to the new location

- Zip everything up into PBIX file

However, Power BI Desktop complains about the file being corrupted


Is what I am trying to do possible?

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I've realized that I can build a PBIT template file and solved the problem that way.

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