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Resolver I
Resolver I

Premium P1 Embedded Usage Metrics

Our organization uses our P1 instance (purchased through PowerBI not Azure) to embed dashboards into our web app as well as sharepoint modern pages.  I've noticed recently that Metrics are available for embedded instances in Azure but it still doesn't seem to have anything available for P1 capacities.  When i read through the documentation for usage metrics it states the following:


Usage Metrics


"Usage metrics will track usage of reports that are embedded in SharePoint Online. They will also track embedding of dashboards and reports via both the “user owns credentials” and “app owns credentials” flow. "  


This got me super amped up but then further down in the article in the Q&A section it contradicts these statements by saying:


"Q: Will usage metrics capture views from embedded dashboards and reports?
A: Usage metrics currently does not support capturing usage for embedded dashboards and reports, including the user owns data flow, the app owns data flow and the publish to web flow. In those cases, we recommend using existing web analytics platforms to track usage for the hosting app or portal."


I'm really confused here as according to one part of the article, embedding usage metrics in apps and sharepoint are available, but then it says it doesn't support it.  Which is it?


I created a usage metrics report for one of our embedded reports and it doesn't seem to track sharepoint views or embedded views so why does it say it's supported?



We have some technical issue sthat prevents us from supporting it today.

It's in our backlog and we will get to that shortly.

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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Maybe Staff @nimrod could help here regarding the confusion part of the documentation?





We have some technical issue sthat prevents us from supporting it today.

It's in our backlog and we will get to that shortly.

Thank you very much for the update, I look forward to being able to use this!

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