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Powershell to update datasource URL's

Hi Everyone,


I am working on a automated deployment system that deploys  PowerBI reports to a new workspace. This is all working fine but the issue i am having is updating the datasource with a new URL to get their information from. These are all SharePoint List data sources that need to be updated.


I am using the Invoke-PowerBIRestMethod  to sucessfull get the data sources within a report and I can manipulate the return to change the URL but when sending the update back i just get an error.

No information is given with the error it just doesn't work.


Does anyone have a working example of updatiung a datasource with powershell?


I have seen this thread but it doesn't have a solution

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @Anonymous ,


Try to find the error using Resolve-PowerBIError cmdlet or fiddler to capture the API error directly.


Just giving as the reference, to my artilce where you can find the some informations on the powershell scripts

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