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PowerBI with React Functional Components



Building my second custom PBI visual, this time with React. I am using functional components and at a complete loss when it comes to getting the data from the update method into App.tsx. App.update({data: dataArray}) throws this error: ```Property 'update' does not exist on type 'FunctionComponent<AppProps```


This is how I have my visual.ts setup:

import {App, initialState} from './App'


constructor(options: VisualConstructorOptions) {
  this.reactRoot = React.createElement(App) = options.element;
public update(options: VisualUpdateOptions) {
 **does a bunch of reformating off incoming data, spitting out `dataObjectArray`
 App.update({data: dataObjectArray})
In App.tsx: 
export interface AppProps {
  data: dataObject[]

export const initialState: AppProps = {
  data: []

export const App: React.FC<AppProps> = () => {
 useEffect( setData(data)) but formatted properly obviously
It would be great if Microsoft could update the guide to functional components instead of class based... Any help would be very much appreciated!! Thank you in advance.


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Thank you for the reply! I've changed it around so I no longer get the TS complaints, but I still don't understand by my update method in visual.ts isn't passing the props to App.tsx. At the end of the update method, I pass in my props and call it like so: 

  dataArr: dataObjectArray,
And my App is setup like so: 
export const App: React.FC<AppProps> = (props) => {
  const { dataArr, width, height } = props;
A console log in my App of dataArr, width and height all return undefined which I don't understand. Any insight as to how to get my data talking to my App.tsx (a functional component) from the visual.ts file would be greatly appreciated!!

@jbrundagejr would you be able to update react functional component custom visual.


Or any documentation you found for, how to update react functional component using power bi custom visual. As I am new to this and stuck. As not able to update react component.


Any help would be appreciated.



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