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New Member

PowerBI C# api throwing Object not set to an instance of an Object on ExportToFileAsync and Group

Hi all,


I'm using the power BI C# web api Version 4.1.13 to export a report from our Power BI Tenant to a PDF.


I'm able to authenticate and get a bearer token successfully, but I'm running into the same error on the ExportToFileAsync and ExportToFileInGroupAsync calls, no matter what I pass it throws this error - System.NullReferenceException: 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'


Here's my code, am I missing anything obivous here? This is the first time I've used this API.


Thank you for any help!




       var exportRequest = new ExportReportRequest
         Format = format

       if(_currentAccessToken == null)
          await Authenticate();
      // The 'Client' object is an instance of the Power BI .NET SDK
      var export = await client.Reports.ExportToFileInGroupAsync(reportId, groupId, exportRequest);

         // Save the export ID, you'll need it for polling and getting the exported file
         return export.Id;





New Member

My problem was that I was not awaiting the full call stack, so it was sending my client to the garbage collector.

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