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Need help with Matrix Visualization to track game completion by 2-column (City-Team) combination

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for any help. My question is in bold below.


I'm new to Power BI and my first attempt at a dashboard has gone very well, until now! I can't share my actual data so I'm providing a representative example in a new context, which is Team game play in different cities. In this example, there are 5 different Cities (column 1) and 10 different Teams (column 2). Any Team is allowed to play in any City and can play as many games in that City as they want, and once the do play in that City we want to track when they have completed the Game (column 3) - so that Game is either "Not Done" or "Done". Ultimately, we will track this until all Teams have completed all games in all Cities, but each time a Team completes all its games in one specific City, that is a victory in itself that we want to track. In my example data, there are 59 Team-City game entries and 19 unique Team-City combos; it is the tracking of those 19 combos that I need help with; see below.


In the Power BI dashboard, I have one Matrix visualization that shows a Team's total participation in games as to whether the games they played in are Done, Not Done, and Total. This visualization is fine, although I would like to allow the end user to toggle between count values and % values and not sure how to do so (posts on the topic suggest a dummy copy w/ bookmark and some more graceful but advanced solutions that I don't yet comprehend as a newbie).


The key goal of the league is to understand how each Team is doing on a City by City basis, so a Team - City combination. I would like to have a second visualization that would show, by Team, how each Team is doing. For example, Team B has entered 5 total games in Los Angeles. To complete Los Angeles, they need to complete all 5 but so far have only have 2 "Done" and 3 "Not Done". I'd like to be able to show that progress as illustrated in the screen shot mockup that I included in the pbix file; Excel file is also included that was source of the screen shot (see 2nd worksheet).  Can anyone suggest ideas how to do this?




Much appreciated!



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I haven't got any replies and that makes me think I probably wrote my post in a way that makes it hard to help me.  If any suggestions how I can clarify or simplify, please let me know.  Still hoping for some creative help from experts in this community. 

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I couldn't find where to edit my post - I'm adding these images in case easier for others than using the link.  Thanks again!

Clip 1.jpgClip 2.jpg

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