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How to import large csv to dataset using powershell



I'm trying to load a many large csv file into powerbi automatically, and to so i've automate the creation of datasets.

However when i try to add rows of data to the dataset in this fashion it simply crashes::

`Add-PowerBIRow -DataSetId $dataset1.Id -TableName $ -Rows (Import-Csv -Path ".\data.csv") ` 

as seen here ::

if I try iterating over every element and adding individually i get a "tooManyResquests" error, and if I try by chunks it doesn't return an error but simply nothing happens.


Is there a proper way to import a csv file into powerBI using the powershell API, in the same fashion as you would do it manually? 


thank you,



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @Anonymous 

Are you referrring the regular dataset or push datasets?

The following property is by default disabled for the dataset - "addRowsAPIEnabled": false

If you create a dataset directly using the Powershell then the above property is enabled true so you can use Add-PowerBI.


Check -



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