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Hide/show Multi-Row /Datatable card with retain selected record

My report is divided into 3 parts


1. Slicer with panel (on top)
2. Multi-Row/Datatable Card (left side)
3. Power Apps form (in middle)

4. data card to show the status of selected record of power power Apps form record( Intially status will be "Open")


User selects the values in slicers and corresponding records get filtered/displayed in Multi-Row/Datatable Card. When user select any record in Multi-Row/Datatable Card the selected record get displayed in Power Apps form.
User can edit the data in selected row in Power Apps form and save that data in the SP list.

I need to hide/show slicer panel and Multi-Row/Datatable Card so the Power Apps form will be displayed on whole page.

I am able to hide/show slicer panel and Multi-Row/Datatable Card using bookmarks. When Slicer Panel is hided then tt retain selected values in slicers and display same values in slicers when it is shown on screen.


I am facing following issues:

Whatever record is selected in Multi-Row/Datatable Card, it is not ratained when Multi-Row/Datatable Card is hided. It get refresh and again display Multi-Row/Datatable Card without selected record.

1. I need to hide/show Multi-Row/Datatable Card in such a way that it will always retain selected row in the card and same record will be displayed in Power Apps form.
2. Is there any way that the saved record data will be automatically refresh in Power BI dataset and display updated data(i.e.status as "Closed/Updated") in data card ?

Please suggest the solution.


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