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Advocate II
Advocate II

Direct query with mySQL using Power BI Embeded

I have a mySQL database that I can connct to, and manually refresh, using Power BI Desktop, however I need to deploy the desktop solution to an embedded solution.  


Is it posible to use Direct Query for a mySQL database in an embedded enviroment.  If not, is it possible to schedule a daily refresh for the embedded environment?


Thanks in advance





Helper I
Helper I

By PowerBI embedded, do you mean the PowerBI service (the web based PowerBI portal)?


I don't believe it is possible to use Direct Query for MySQL but you can definitely schedule a daily refresh for the data model in the PowerBI service. To schedule a daily refresh you would need to setup a gateway, for my organization we use an enterprise gateway.


My setup looks like this:

1. Design report in PowerBI desktop (a MySQL connection is setup here).

2. Publish report to PowerBI service

3. Install Enterprise Gateway. Once setup you will be prompted to add a data source. Here I added the MySQL database as a datasource (entered database address, credentials etc.).

4. In the PowerBI service, I then clicked settings in the top right menu with the little cog symbol.

5. Then click datasets.

6. Then click the dataset you uploaded.

7. Then click Gateway connection and ensured the gateway was selected.

8. I then verified the data source connections just below the gateway section and then finally you will see the schedule refresh section beneath the credentials. My MySQL data sources refresh 8 times a day (the maximum amount with a PRO license - a free license is just once a day I believe).


As a side note: in order for the data set to refresh @ scheduled time it will need to connect to the gateway to be able to 'tunnel' through to the MySQL database. Therefore, it is optimal to install your gateway on a machine that is always on (I use a virtual machine on my company's server).

Thanks for the response, however we are not using Power BI service as this is insecure, we are using Power BI embedded which does not seem to have that option.



@DrBiker The only supported data sources for Power BI Embedded (in preview) are cloud sources. Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Warehouse. 


here is the FAQ


relevant section:

What data sources are currently supported with Power BI Embedded?

During the public preview of the service, we are going to support access to cloud data sources that use basic credentials via Direct Query. This means that sources such as Azure SQL DB, HDInsight Spark and Azure SQL DW are supported right now. We will add support for other data sources and access types in the coming months. We’ll announce new supported data sources on the Power BI developer site at

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So is there a way to automate the refresh of data in desktop to produce a new pbix file?  I can automate the provisioning of the new pbix easily enough.


Thank in advance.

@DrBiker Due to the current limited data sources, the only option for connection that they provide to you at the moment is "Direct Query". This method of connection to a data sources does not require refreshing as it is always up to date.


Automating refreshes for a data set is handled in the Power BI Service. I am not aware of any method to update a PBIX file locally.

The on-premise solution rolls into SSRS 2016, and that refresh is handled via SSRS I believe.

Looking for more Power BI tips, tricks & tools? Check out the site I co-own with Mike Carlo. Also, if you are near SE WI? Join our PUG Milwaukee Brew City PUG

Sorry my mistake. Hope you find an answer that can help!

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