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New Member

Decomposition Tree | Hide/Unhide columns via Script

Dear all


we are working with a decomposition tree that is showing our hierarchical process structure. This structure has up to 5 levels (level 0 - 4). All processes are stored in one big table and connected via their IDs (parent ID listed in each child).


Basically on all process levels, risk statements can be attached. To risk statements, control requirements are attached. To control requirements controls are attached.


So, bascially when clicking a L3 or L4 is clicked, only the relevant risk statements, control requirements and controls shall be shown.

Currently, this is working only in cases when the process is the last the heritage line.

A working workaround is to remove L4 from the headline before clicking on a L3 process.


Question to the community, is it possible via script to automatically remove and hide hidelines based on for example a measure (in the picture L4 Name when a level 3 process is clicked)?






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