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New Member

Custom Visual Filtering

I have created a custom visual based on a table of data e.g.


Test Id | Name

1 | Task 1

1 | Task 2

2 | Task 1

2 | Task 2


However when I filter in the report view e.g. Test Id = 1 I cannot find a way to get my code to adapt. It always shows the full list.


my code looks something like this (called from update method)


public static converter(dataView: DataView😞 TestRunViewModel {

var table = dataView.table;

for (var t = 0; t < table.rows.length; t++) {

var cell = table.rows[t];

 // table rows are not filtered




New Member

Anyone have any knowledge of how the custom visuals can be filtered in ts code...?

I managed to find the issue, the child nodes had to be cleared on update e.g.


private elementRoot: HTMLElement;


        public init(options: VisualInitOptions): void {
   this.elementRoot = options.element.get(0);


public update(options: VisualUpdateOptions) {

   while (this.elementRoot.firstChild) {

... etc



Adding calls to helped to track down that the data update was not the issue

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