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Building a Custom Slicer with pre-defined Data (Analysis Service)

Hello PowerBI community,


I am currently frustrated by the limitations of PowerBI and wanted to know if there even is the theoretical possibility in solving my Problem.

I am connected to an SQL Analysis Service Model which is quiet big and i dont have permission to create/change the Model. 
Now I need to create two user inputs (slicer) in which the user can select a number between 0 and 50, which is then used for calculations in other measures. 
Normally I would create a calucated tabel and use the "workaround" for using a measure as slicer "" but this is not possible because i am not able to create calculated Collums in PowerBI with Direct Connection to Analysis Service. 

Now, i am trying to create a custom slicer which already has the Data, an array from 0 to 50, implementetd but i am new to JavaScript so i dont know if this is even possible, maybe you have some ideas ? 

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Hi ,

Sorry maybe I can reformulate my Question.

Is it possible to create a custom Slicer which allows the user to select a number between 0 and 100 ? Which than can be used in a Measure. 

Its hard to give sample data because the Data shoud just be an array from 0 to 100. 

The problem is that with the direct querry connection to the Analysis Service Power BI is very limited and i basically can only create Dax measures nothing else. But for a user input of any kind i need a what if partameter (which is not available) or a slicer (which only can slice data in the Model) and i do not have a table from 0 to 100 in my Modell. 

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Hi @Weldbild 


Now that you have the data to create the slicer, what is bothering you and how would you like to filter the data? It would be great if you could provide a simple example. Please use the desensitized data to provide more details to better help us figure out your problem.




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