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Access Token not working when trying to Authenticate REST API's as well as embedding of reports.

We are trying to authenticate our REST API's with the ACCESS TOKEN retrieved from the oauth2 api but it is not working. Postman screen snippet:


The token is retrieved however if you investigate that token there is nothing in it so using it leads to 401 - UNAUTHORISED response every single time on other REST API's and embedding asks to login again regardless of the token provided.


We followed the documentation and created the application and secrets etc. and added the permissions:



Our system admin says our user is correctly set up but it seems there is a setting or something missing causing the token not to work.

This is our first time integrating with AZURE / PowerBI so bare with the cluelessness and be so kind as to redirect us to possible solutions.

Helper I
Helper I

Hi @vericred ,

Try going into the PowerBi admin centre and enable 'Allow service princples to use Power BI APIs'


I think the best approach would be to create a security group and only give access to certain users, but enabling the above option I was able to get around the 401 - Unauthorized issue.



Helper I
Helper I

Hoping someone from Microsoft can provide an official response.  I have followed the Microsoft documentation and also have the same issue.  Appears as though others in the forum also have the same issue.

Kind regards,


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