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variable selection for categorical output

I have a large dataset that is centered around an ID number representing a single person that is tied to demographic and economic variables. I am attempting to structure the data and work in Power BI so that the demographic selection (8 variables) can change using a slicer, but the ouput that is the economic variables remains the same. The problem I am running into is that the economic data is tiered categorically - that is, Tier 1 = Tier2.1 + Tier2.2 +Tier 2.3; Tier2.1=Tier1.1+Tier1.2 +Tier 1.3. The output is a result of a calculation based on weighting information and the economic data contained in the tiered information.


The data is only organized into the Tier 3 categories, so I am having difficulty coming up with the correct formula to get it into the tiers 2 and 1 category with the summation. The data is organized in columns, with the ID value in one column, the names of the variety of tier 3 categories in another column, and the numerical values for each category (for the calculation) in another column.


Do you have any recommendations on how to do this? 


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