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Helper I
Helper I

show greater values with a numeric slicer

Capture d’écran 2023-01-05 155628.png



I have 2 questions for my itineraries dashbord available here:



I have a matrix table and a numeric slicer and I am trying to show greater values from the value selected on the slicer. 


I created the following mesure: 


mesure = VAR MINValue= MIN('Lvalue'[Value]) VAR MAXValue= MAX('Lvalue'[Value]) VAR CurrentValue= 'Table'[measureL] RETURN IF(CurrentValue >= MINValue && CurrentValue<=MAXValue, 1,0)
And then I added a filter on the visual saying to show mesure=1
Unfortunately, it doesn't work 100% on the original report. Do you know another way to make it work? 
2) How can I edit the colors on the map in a way that when there aren't available lots for weight and lenght values the lines or dots are in red or another color ?
Thank you in advance for your time and help 🙂 
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @elois33 


I checked your sample file. It seems the measure is working. And I created a similar measure for weight. Both filter the matrix visual. Where did you think it is not working?



For the second question, you can set up conditional formatting for icons . Select Format style by Field value. You need to create a measure to compare the available lots with the targets or needs, which returns different colors for each scenario. And use this measure in "What field should we base this on?" box. For example, 

Color measure =
IF (
    SUM ( 'Table'[available amount] ) < SUM ( 'Table'[target amount] ),



You can also use Format style by rules, here is an example. The measure should be different. 

Conditional Formatting in a Matrix - Microsoft Power BI Community


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Jing
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Hello @v-jingzhang, thank you for responding to my problem. I was told that it will be better to create a measure rather that to filter it. And this is the measure that I was trying to do but it didnt work. 


CouponLEN = 
VAR MINValue= MIN('LENGTH'[Value]) 
VAR MAXValue= MAX('LENGTH'[Value]) 
VAR CurrentValue=SUM('Table'[lenght] )
RETURN CALCULATE(SUM('Table'[lenght]),FILTER('Table',[lenght]<=MAX('LENGTH'[Value])&&[lenght]>=MIN('LENGTH'[Value])))


On the original pbix file for example, I have values that don't correspond to my rechearch like the following screenshot. 


Capture d’écran 2022-11-21 095250.png


For my map formatting I want to say if the available weight & length >= selected value on the slicer then a green color, otherwise red.


I used this measure but still didn't work: 


map color = IF([CouponLEN] && [CouponWGT]= 1, 10,20)
And then I filtered on the map formatting settings telling If map color = 10 then green, if map color=20 then red.
Thank you,

Hi @elois33 


For the map formatting, you can try below measure and setting with the old sample file. 

Color Measure = IF([CouponLEN] = 1 && [CouponWT] = 1, 10, 20)




However, I don't understand your new expected result for the matrix visual. Can you explain it more? You may provide a new sample pbix if the old one is not suitable. 





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