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retain multiple rows from filtered points

I am looking for a means to filter and retain all lines between two relative points in an imported unformtted, text file. The text file is ~300k lines, but the report I am seeking has a header that contains 'BEPS' and the following report starts with 'BEPU'. the rows between these two points are in a table, and are the rows I'd like to retain. Is there a means to have it determine this relative position and retain all lines between these points?



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @dradair,


Could you post the texts here instead of the screenshot, so that we can do some tests easily and try to find a solution for you? It's better that you can just share the text file(with just some sample/mock data). You can upload it to OneDrive or Dropbox and post the link here. Do mask sensitive data before uploading. Smiley Happy



Sorry about that.

The data file is here:

Please lmk if the link doesnt work. the SIM file is just text; opens in Notepad++. 


The main goal would be to extract from the BEPS Report to the BEPU report (only b/c its the end of the BEPS report). Report length will vary, location in file will vary.

I have gotten the file to import as a text-query, and can filter down to certian specific lines which are labeled (ex: TOTAL SITE ENERGY line) and can break data labels / numbers appart successfully. The issue has been that the final 'MBTU' line (just below the line of  =====) is really what I'm after and does not have some type of line / data label on that line. Thats why I'm afte the BEPS report, and will filter / work from thre. If theres another way - i am all ears!


Yes, it is a total of the above MBTU lines above, this is really the only line I care about. If its easier to get the individual lines and sum them later - thats fine too. Ideally in this case, it would be possible to concatanate the EMCC ELECTRICITY (etc) line with the line below of MBTU and the numbers. That woudl be awesome too. 

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