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Advocate I
Advocate I

percentage of Total for Delay/Ontime

Item#  Delay       Ontime   Total   percentage of Total Ontime
1           20           50           120      70/50   =2.4%
2            50          50           100        100/50   =2%
I wanted to create DAX firmula for Delay vs Ontime as percentage of Total
I am deriving information for Delaycount and Ontime count: (With Below formula)
Delay/Ontime= IF(TABLE[ReceivedDate]>TABLE[schduledDate],"Delay","On Time")
and I need a condition like if Late/Ontime<>0, then percentage of Total for Delaycount vs Ontime count.
Treid this but not working
percentage of Total= if ([Delay/Ontime]="On Time",Count([On-Time])/Count([Delay]),'')
Need help on getting percentage of Total.
Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Above information is not very clear, if you want to see the % of delay, it should be something like this?


Item#  Delay       Ontime   Total   percentage of Total Ontime

1           20           50           70      50/70   =71.4%

2            50          50           100        50/100   =50%


tell me whether you’re looking for something like this?

that's Right 71.42% 50.0%
Super User
Super User



Your question is not clear.  Share the data and show the expected result.

Ashish Mathur

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