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Helper II
Helper II

measure issue with multiplying two fields; giving me wrong total

HI. I hope someone can help me out with an issue. I have a table of sites that shows YTD drilled meters and the cost per meter for that project that comes straight from a data source. What I am trying to do is create a measure that will multiply my "YTD drilled meters" field by "$/m" field to give me a total amount cost for that project.  Issues I am having:

1.    Measure will not let me just use the 'Drill'[$/m] field. I have to put average infront of it to work but then in my table the total is all messed up. I don't want average.

              what I am just trying to do is:  $/m * m = [YTD Drilled Meters] * ('Drill'[$/m]) (doesn't work)

The total for the column $/m*m is incorrect. It should be 2,767,846.35. This is where I think the word average in my measure is messing it up. 

     This is what I have now just to see numbers:  $/m * m = [YTD Drilled Meters] * AVERAGE('Drill'[$/m])

I am not sure why the total is not correct. ( I think it has something to do with average in my measure) Any help would be much appreciate.

Thank you for your time!







Does this measure work?

Measure = SUMX(VALUES(Data[Site]),[$/m * m])

Ashish Mathur

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Helper II
Helper II

Thank you! This helped solve my measure issue and also helped solve a similar issue i was having along the same lines. 

thanks again and much appreciated.


Super User
Super User

@bswank31 First, please vote for this idea:

This looks like a measure totals problem. Very common. See my post about it here:

Also, this Quick Measure, Measure Totals, The Final Word should get you what you need:


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Thanks for getting back to me. That is frustrating that the total does not work the way it should. I understand what is happening, I just can't quite get it to work. Still newish.

I have created my measure that multiplies my total drilled meters by my average $/m to give me my cost per project. What would I need to do to get the total and subtotals to come out correctly. The total for site 1 and 2 should be 5,812,118.904 and not the 6,382,345


again, your help is much appreciated.

thanks a bunch




Does this measure work?

Measure = SUMX(VALUES(Data[Site]),[$/m * m])

Ashish Mathur

Hi, I have ran into another issue. I have created a measure: 

Meters w/costs program = SUMX(VALUES(Drill[Program]),Drill[>0 program cost/m])
and it is giving me the correct values but how would I get the correct total for that new measure created? that total should be 7,341


I figured this issue out. 

thank you

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