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limiting/consolidating datasource in chart

appologies in advance for not really knowing how to articulate what im trying to accomplish.

Im pointing PowerBI to a folder to get aggregate csv source for trends... Ive successfully built a line graph showing count of work orders open per month historically over the last 12 months. I use the datasource folder and the collection of csvs in the folder for multiple different reports (different reporting cadence). since jan 1, i drop in a new csv weekly, but the previous months there is only one monthly csv. so when i chart over time, i have one data point per month for jan 21-dec 21, but after jan 1 22, i have 4 data points per month. as i move forward, i will continue to have weekly csvs in that folder, and im unable to get historical data to fill the gaps in the 2021 months. so when i chart my totals, i have data points per month everywhere along the X-axis where there is a report. 

My question is, is there a way to automatically have powerBI only look at one csv file per month for jan 22 and feb 22, etc moving forward? eventually i will have enough weekly reports that historically the single data point months will fall off the left side.   When filter out 2022, and show only the months where i have a single data point per month, i get exactly the look I want.

If i switch to a vertical bar graph, i have tiny toothpick size bars with a half mile gap between months, and in 2022, i have the 4 data points. filtering out 2022, my bars are normal and viewable.

I am not on my work computer so i cannot provide screen shots. maybe i can edit and add later if ive completely lost you.

TL;dr: Is there a way to automatically combine or filter multiple csv datasource files in a folder in a month so that i only report counts once per month in a line chart instead of all weekly data points per month? I could filter them manually but i dont want that visible to the end user... and i use the same datasource to provide other weekly reports so they need to remain in the datasource folder. thanks in advance. this is a lot to process.

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@new2pbix I'm with @parry2k, very hard to follow. Perhaps modify your query to preserve the file name and then you can use that as a filter?

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@new2pbix very hard to understand, having some sample data and the screenshots will help. As far as it looks, it has nothing to do with the CSV file but how you want to present the data, but again, a bit hard to provide an answer without looking at the details.

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