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Helper I
Helper I

how to add % sign to my mesure result

Hello , 


Please i need to know how to add % sign to my measure result.

thanks for your help 

Best regarders 





As @lalthan said, you just need to click the Percenage Format under Modeling.




It can be applied on your custom measure as well.




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Hi, I'm answering an old post in hopes of getting my answer. 


I have a table report. I want to conditional format one column based on the value. As such, I have a number pulling in from the SQL query.  I do, however, want to add a percent sign to the column.  I cannot see the Data Type section under the Modeling tab.  Did it move?


Here's my report and PowerBI menu.



Resolver II
Resolver II

There are two ways to achieve this:


1. On PBI Desktop, click on your measure and formula will appear > Go to Modelling > Format as %


2. Create a measure as : format([Measure Name],"percent")


However, if you use the 2nd approach, then your measure will be treated as text

HI @lalthan


Thanks for your answer i know how to calculate percentage on power BI 

but my problem that i need to create a measure with my personal calculation rule , for example my measure [Measure]= ([Nombre_IC_S12]/([Nombre_Facturé_S12]+[Nombre_IC_S12]))*100

 and i need to show in the display % symbol

I need to show the result with % symbol ...


Best regards 



As @lalthan said, you just need to click the Percenage Format under Modeling.




It can be applied on your custom measure as well.




if you do the formula with the "*100" it will give the correct Percentage without the Symbol, Try the formula without the *100 this will give you a "0." Value you can then change the format mentioned above in the ribon this will give you the Percentage along with the Symbol. @lalthan with his formula using the method you mention before removing the the "*100" from the formula will results in 1000% increase in the percentage since his formula already is doing the work and is a above 1.0  (ex 39% will become 3900%)

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