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find an item WITHOUT some attributes


I have simple problem,but perhaps I don't know how to approach it. 


I have two tables. One is "items", with typical structure - item ID, item name, item price, etc. Nothing fancy. 


The second table is named "features". Features are item attributes that are optional - so one item ID may have 0 features, 1 or even many. The table contains: 

Item ID     FeatureID      ValueOfFeature 


One item may have multiple records, with one Feature ID in each record. Some items may be missing from the "features" table completely - it means they have no optional features at all. 


I have a list of three "important" features, and my task is to find any items that have NONE of these three specific features defined. 


So what I think I need to do, is to 

a) create a list of items that contain at least ONE of the important features

b) create anti-join with all the items list, in order to find these without any of the important features. 


Am I right? So far, I struggle with these points, but perhaps there is some other way? 

Super User
Super User

@Stanil , Create a 1-m join between Item and feature and then just create count measure of the feature and use slicer for three features. Use item from item table and measure in visual


or have a measure like


Calculate(Count(Table[Feature]), filter(Table, Table[Feature] in {"f1", "f2", "f3"} ) )

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