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filtering visuals with underlying hierarchy

I'm having an issue - hope someone can help: 
for data privacy purpose I need to hide smaller organizations from my visuals. All is working fine if my visualizations are only showing 1 hierarchy level (e.g. N-2 orgs) and I put a filter e.g. 'HC is greater than 6'. The problem comes if I add other hierarchy levels (e.g. N-2 / N-3 / N-4) to the Value field to allow a drill down through all the different hierarchy levels: even though I display the same level N-2 orgs it is already filtering N-3 and N-4 small orgs and thus the N-2 data is different / incorrect. 
Any idea if and how to overcome this ? 





This is expected behavior. The filter is applied on entire visual. When you put multiple level fields, each child level is associated with the parent level fields ( if there's no relationship, it will crossjoin). So when you drill down to child level, it's already filtered. It's not possible to have the 'HC is greater than 6' filter applied on 'N-2 ' only.



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Thank you Simon  -  so you are saying there is no way / work around to get the drill down visuals respecting such common data privacy rules of excluding small teams when displaying lower levels yet showing correct (including the small teams) data if displaying higher levels. That would be a shame 🙂 

Again: thank you for your reply   and   still hoping there are possibilities mentioned by others ?!

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