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Helper I
Helper I

Year Computation


I have a measure added in powerbi = ([QTY negative to positive max per item]*3)/365*([average qty]*1.2)

How do I make the 365 change that when they select a year filter it will become 730 if they selected 2018 to 2019, if they selected 2018-2019 it will become 1095 and so and so forth. 


I am not really sure how to do it. I have a transaction date column from 2018-2024 but its dynamic that it will refresh everyday so I need to consider that after 2024, new data from 2025 will be added.


Thank you so much!



Right, it should autometically come into slicer and hence in report.

If this resolves your problem, then please mark this as solution, Thanks!

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Helper I
Helper I

@samratpbi @lbendlin I did try it but when I filter 2018-2021 its showing 5 years instead of 4, how will i do the year multiply, it should be by days and not by year.




Hi, if you want to return no of years when selected, you can simply remove the + 1 in the measure. I thought you would need 730 if 1 year selected. Hence there is a + 1 with count years.

Thank you so much! It works now, last question, so if a new year is added I dont need to do anything right?



Right, it should autometically come into slicer and hence in report.

If this resolves your problem, then please mark this as solution, Thanks!

Super User
Super User

Don't use fixed numbers.  Have a calendar table in your data model and count the date rows for your selected years.

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Hi, lets create a slicer on the years which you are going to select then create a measure below:

Years Selected =
    ) + 1
what it will do is, if no year selected, then it would return 1, otherwise it would return no of years selected + 1, i.e. if 1 year selected it would return 2 and so on.
now, you simply multiply this measure with 365 in your existing measure.
Below is the result:
when no year selected:

when 1 year selected:


Hope this resolves your problem,

If this helps to resolve your problem then please mark it as solution, Thanks!

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