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YTD weekly calculation

Hi everybody,

I have a measure to calculate the YTD (year to date, since 1st January) service availability of different business process. This measure is as follows:


  • YTD Weekly Availability = ( (Total Elapsed Operating Time – Total Down Time) / Total Elapsed Operating Time)

Total Elapsed Operating Time = (DATEDIFF("01/01/2024",NOW(),SECOND)


Currently that measure is used in a table to show the current service availability for the different business processes.  Please see Picture attached 

YTD Availability.jpg

Now I want to show the trend of YTD by week, considering the time reference on the last day of the week (each Sunday).

I have managed to calculate the time elapsed operating time ( in an running total way) from January 1st to each Sunday of the elapsed weeks. I know the down time of each process for each week; however I am no able to properly calculate the running total of elapsed down time for each process (from 1st January to each Sunday of the elapsed weeks.


Please find attached picture YTD - weekly calculations.jpg

Summing up,  I don´t find the proper DAX calculation for the running total of elapsed down time. I always get the total down time for the week, not the accumulative running total


Thanks for your help or suggestions



Hi @amitchandak 

My mistake. Relationship between  Date Table and my date column was not OK. Now seems to be working .

Thanks a lot @amitchandak 

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Super User
Super User

@Victor_Z , Based on what I got, Have date table, joined it with Date part of your datetime column.

If needed create a table in you column


Date = Datevalue([datetime Column]) // join with date of date table 


Have week created column in date table


Have these new columns in Date Table, Week Rank is Important in Date/Week Table
Week Start date = 'Date'[Date]+-1*WEEKDAY('Date'[Date],2)+1
Week End date = 'Date'[Date]+ 7-1*WEEKDAY('Date'[Date],2)
WeekDay = weekday([Date],2)



Use them in visual


And use measure


YTD Sales = CALCULATE(SUM(Sales[Sales Amount]),DATESYTD('Date'[Date],"12/31"))


Time Intelligence, Part of learn Power BI
Time Intelligence, DATESMTD, DATESQTD, DATESYTD, Week On Week, Week Till Date, Custom Period on Period,
Custom Period till date:

Hi @amitchandak 

Thanks a lot , but it´s not working.

The measure is given me the Running Total up to now, but when adding to a visual a putting the weeks in the colum visual table , it keps giving the down time by week instead of the running total until each week.... so I have the same wrong calculation, YTD for each week not the running total YTD. 

Please see the difference between Power BI calculations and Excel calculations 






Hi @amitchandak 

My mistake. Relationship between  Date Table and my date column was not OK. Now seems to be working .

Thanks a lot @amitchandak 

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