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Which performs better TREATAS or USERELATIONSHIP?

Hi Guys 


From a performance perspective which performs better  TREATAS or USERELATIONSHIP?


Kind regards


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Hi @Daryl-Lynch-Bzy 


Thank you kindly for the reply.

I have read through the articles they dont really answer my question.

Which I think I might be asking in an incorrect manner. 

What im really after is a function that replicates USERELATIONSHIP() but runs faster in a standard situation?


Kind regards


Hi @dvn_charles 


The usage and return value of the two functions are completely different. 


USERELATIONSHIP is generally used to activate the inactive relationship between fields in two tables, acting on the specific measure.
TREATAS returns a table that can be used to join two completely different tables with the same data structure.

Best for use when a relationship does not exist between the tables. If you have multiple relationships between the tables involved, consider using USERELATIONSHIP instead.


I don't think there is a function that does the same thing as USERELATIONSHIP. And this function doesn't seem to particularly affect the speed of the code. If you could be more specific about your problem.

More details in reference:

USERELATIONSHIP function (DAX) - DAX | Microsoft Docs

TREATAS function - DAX | Microsoft Docs


Did I answer your question? Please mark my reply as solution. Thank you very much.
If not, please feel free to ask me.

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Janey

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