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Translating time difference postgresql quries into DAX on a single table

Currenlty im running mutlple quries to return data in postgres, and then importing into PowerBI for the graphing, obvisouly many steps can be combined by connecting powerBI into the DB, and using DAX to calculate the coloumns rather seperate PG queries. 

to grab said data:
select *
from postgres

where requesttime is now() - interval '1 hour' 
(gives me everything in the last hour)

To split it further (in Postgresql) im using:

and notifytime < requesttime + interval '10 sec'
(to return things completed in under 10 seconds)

as well as:

and notifytime >= requesttime + interval '10 sec' and notifytime < requesttime + interval '30 sec'
(to find things that completed between 10 and 30 seconds)

What im struggling with is how to create the custom coloumn forumla for this 
notifytime >= requesttime + interval '10 sec' and notifytime < requesttime + interval '30 sec'

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Aeden 

Thanks for reaching out to us.

probably similar to this,

filter(table, table[requesttime]=NOW()-TIME(1,0,0))

However, the above is not complete, please share some sample data and expected results.



Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Tang

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That's something i looked at before however it doesnt compare two different coloumns which is where im struggling.

Result = notifytime is with X seconds of Requesttime
Result = notifytime more than X seconds of requesttime and also less than Y seconds of Requesttime

The data is just two coloumns of date/times, but rather than just a duration coloumn, im after multiple coloumns of certain duratons. 
So i can get a count of how many rows per requesttime got completed in a certain amount of time

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