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TopN records within custom table



I have created 2 custom tables from the main table using DAX  query.

Active milestones = FILTER('Live Query', ('Live Query'[workflow_stage_name] IN {"In Progress","In Progress - Green","In Progress - Amber","New","In Progress - Red" }))
Completed milestones = FILTER('Live Query', AND(
            'Live Query'[workflow_stage_name] = "Completed",
            'Live Query'[planned_due_date].[Date] >= TODAY() - 14))
I have a requirement to pick up top 5 records from active milestones + all completed milestones, dispaly in table chart.
I wrote the query as
Table = UNION(TOPN(100,'Active milestones', 'Active milestones'[planned_due_date].[Date],ASC),'Completed milestones')
But this is not working, it returns only completed milestones. If I pick up only active milestones in table and apply visual filter (top n), then it works....If I try the same in dax, it is not working....
please help


Advocate I
Advocate I



Instead of using a TOPN Measure have you considered added a filter to the visual. Advanced filtering then selecting how many by TOPN as per my example below. I have filter by my 'Sell' (Sales Measure)


Thank you

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @santhidhanuskod 


Is your problem solved? If not, can you provide detailed sample pbix file and the results you expect.So that I can help you better. Please remove any sensitive data in advance.



Best Regards,






Super User
Super User

@santhidhanuskod , You should create a measure

//change to include the filter from first column


M1  = countrows( FILTER('Live Query', AND(
'Live Query'[workflow_stage_name] = "Completed",
'Live Query'[planned_due_date].[Date] >= TODAY() - 14))   )


Then have top N Measure

calculate([M1] ,TOPN(3,allselected('Active milestones'[planned_due_date]),[M1]), values('Active milestones'[planned_due_date]))


choose the correct columns as needed


Learn Power BI: Dynamic TOPN using TOPN/Window and Numeric parameter:



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